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Commercial Upfitting

Upfitting Solutions

Get Your Commercial Vehicle
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Transform your standard van or truck into a high-performance mobile workshop with expert upfitting from Prisco Vans Ltd. We specialize in customizing commercial vehicles to perfectly suit your specific needs, boosting efficiency and productivity for your entire team. Whether you need shelving to organize tools and equipment, roller systems for easy material handling, or a Tommy Gate ramp for effortless loading and unloading, we have the upfitting solutions to get your business running smoother than ever.


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Custom Shelving & Organization Systems

Shelving & Organization

Conquer Chaos, Maximize Efficiency With Our Custom Shelving Solutions

Tired of digging through a cluttered van to find the tools you need? Prisco Vans Ltd. understands the struggle. We offer custom shelving and organization systems designed to transform your commercial vehicle from a disorganized mess to a mobile workshop of efficiency. Serving Toronto, Montreal, and surrounding areas, we partner with you to create a shelving solution that perfectly fits your unique needs and maximizes your workday.

Stop wasting time searching for tools.

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Custom Roller Systems

Roller Systems

Elevate Your Security and Convenience With Our Premium Roller Systems

Streamline operations and safeguard your cargo with Prisco Vans’ premium roller systems installation and maintenance services.

We serve businesses in Toronto, Montreal, and surrounding areas, providing expert solutions for commercial vehicles of all sizes..

Why Choose Prisco Vans for Your Roller Systems?

Don't settle for a flimsy, unreliable roller system. Contact Us today!

Our team of experts will assess your needs and recommend the perfect premium roller system for your commercial vehicle. We also offer comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure your system functions flawlessly for years to come.

Get a free quote! Just tell us the type of vehicle you have and how you plan to use the roller system.

Bridge the Gap

Your Hydraulic Dock Ramp & Tommy Gate Experts

Prisco Vans Ltd. is your one-stop shop for seamless loading and unloading in Toronto, Montreal, and surrounding areas. We offer expert installation and service for both hydraulic dock ramps and Tommy Gate liftgate systems, ensuring efficient and safe cargo handling for your commercial vehicles.

Why Choose Prisco Vans for Your Loading Solutions?

Why Choose Us

Offering More Choices Than The Competition!

We surpass the competition by offering an abundance of choices. Whether it’s thermal insulation, reefer installations, or hydraulic systems, our diverse options cater to your unique needs. Elevate your choices and experience unparalleled customization with us!

Precision Craftsmanship

Precision craftsmanship defines our work. From thermal insulation in vans to intricate reefer and hydraulic installations, our commitment to excellence ensures peak performance and longevity in every project.

Satifaction Guarunteed

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. From thermal insulation to reefer and hydraulic installations, trust us for reliable solutions that exceed expectations. Experience peace of mind knowing that excellence is assured in every project we undertake.

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Maximize efficiency and safety with shelving, roller systems or docking systems

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with shelving & organization Solutions, hydraulic gates, and rolling systems, we’re your go-to experts for cost-saving innovations.

Don’t settle for the ordinary – revolutionize your fleet.

Request a quote now and let us elevate your operations to unmatched levels of efficiency and savings.

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