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What Is Thermoliner ™ Insulation

The THERMOLINER INSULATION™ system available exclusively from Prisco Vans provides an industry leading R8 per inch of insulation value.

The benefit of this high insulation value means colder and more stable temperatures, less fuel consumed to maintain temperatures and in turn lower operating costs. This reduced reefer unit “on time” also translates to reduced wear and maintenance costs, which are an important factor to consider.

Our insulation system is comprised of closed cell polyurethane foam bonded to a galvanized metal. Special locks are utilized to lock panels together. Foodgrade sealants are then used to seal the panels together making the system waterproof.

Our CAD design insulation system is custom fitted to any vehicle and bonded in such a manner that no fasteners are exposed.


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Thermoliner ™ Vs. The Rest

What Is R Value

R Value is a measurement of the thermal resistance, measured under zero air flow. The more effective the insulation, the less likely it is to allow cold to bleed through material and escape. R Value measures the ability for a material to resist temperature to transfer.

The better the ability to resist temperature transfer, the higher the R Value. A high R Value is vital to reduce reefer “on time” (reducing the time it takes to refrigerate a closed space).

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Saving You Money With Water Tight Thermally Efficient Thermoliner™ Insulation Technology

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with our Thermoliner™ Insulation Technology at Prisco Vans. From insulation systems to reefer installation, hydraulic gates, and rolling systems, we’re your go-to experts for cost-saving innovations.

Don’t settle for the ordinary – revolutionize your fleet.

Request a quote now and let us elevate your operations to unmatched levels of efficiency and savings.

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All the Benefits

What Makes Thermoliner Insulation ™

The benefits you experience with thermoliner™ insulation have a rare occurrence in the food transport industry and we will change that. Trust Prisco Vans and enjoy these added benefits our Premium liners provide.

Precision Engineering

We specifically designed Thermoliner Insulation™ for use in food refrigeration systems. Generic pink foam insulation, spray foam insulation, wood screws, wood framing & “kemlite” are old technology and never utilized. Our modular panels are designed for maximum thermal efficiency, and minimal weight. As well, mould and fungus are not an issue with Thermoliner Insulation™ because our systems are water tight and feature drainage systems for quick & easy clean out.

Light Weight

Weight is always a factor in transporting goods. Thermoliner insulation™ is the lightest system on the market today, allowing vehicles to retain the highest payload capabilities. This advantage also translates to reduced fuel consumption to operate the vehicle. This weight advantage translates to reduced cost & increased profits.

Trusted Quality

Our workmanship, materials & attention to detail ensure your system is built to last! We use only food grade sealants and epoxies with corrosion resistant metals. These are materials are expensive but necessary to comply with HACCP regulations. We make sure our insulation system provides you with the highest performance and the greatest value.