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What Insulation do you offer ?

ThermoLiner™ insulation is available in 2, 3 or 4 inch thickness, providing an incredible R8/inch insulation value. Our high density closed cell foam insulation is bonded to either pebble or smooth finish galvanized metal. Wood framing is not utilized and there are no exposed screws or fasteners that can rust or leak. Food grade sealants and finishes are utilized to ensure a HACCP compliant system.

It is very important that insulation performs well to stabilize temperatures. Poorly refrigerated food & unsafe food handling practices put the public at risk. Food shipments that are turned away if temperatures are not kept cold enough cost businesses money. These are two reasons why quality insulation is so important. Insulation systems are designed to control temperature and reduce spikes which could spoil food. Food quality is preserved once temperatures are kept at a stable temperature.

cost is always a factor in operating any successful business and managing costs over the life of any vehicle will ensure maximum profit and growth of your business. The ThermoLiner Insulation™ system is engineered to provide a longer service life and lower cost of operation over the long term, with no major cost difference at the outset. Our customers quickly realize the substantial fuel savings and reduced maintenance & repair costs to refrigeration units that balance out any cost difference. It just makes sense! As well, ThermoLiner™ durability combined with Prisco Vans quality ensures a higher than normal resale value at time of vehicle sale.

Is your work covered by a warranty ?

Yes, We stand behind our products with our two year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship as well we work with nationwide reefer service outlets.

Although we do encourage our customers to drop off and pickup their vans to one of our locations. If you need special consideration for pickup and drop of please mention this to one of our project managers when requesting a quote.

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From Thermoliner™ insulation systems to E-Tracks and safety partition walls, Prisco Vans can help you retrofit your commercial cargo van to maximize efficiency to meet your business needs, Increase Profit, and reduce losses.

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Saving You Money With Water Tight Thermally Efficient Thermoliner™ Insulation Technology

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with our Thermoliner™ Insulation Technology at Prisco Vans. From insulation systems to reefer installation, hydraulic gates, and rolling systems, we’re your go-to experts for cost-saving innovations.

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