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themroking, atc , carrier Refrigeration units

We offer the segment leaders in transportation refrigeration units on themarket today, so our customers can explore the most options to suit their refrigeration & budgetary requirements.

Carrier, ATC & Thermo King are recognized as industry leaders in the temperature controlled transport industry, and offer 24 hour a day, 7 days a week roadside service to support our customers.

Your refrigerated freight is time sensitive & temperature dependent. Back ordered parts, delays in service repair scheduling & parts waiting to be arrive from overseas are not acceptable in your business. Why risk your business’ profits when you don’t need to?

Let us help you explore your options to invest wisely, for maximum return on your investment!

Do you sufficiently refrigerate your cargo?

Quality & Freshness are preserved when the appropriate food transportation temperatures are sustained. High quality ThermoLiner Insulation & a brand name reefer from Carrier, Thermo King or ATC ensure your customer is getting the best quality, and prevents costly breakdowns.

Products Frozen Bakery Products
Ice Cream
Frozen Fish
Frozen Meats
Frozen Fruits
Fresh & Smoked Fish
Fresh,Cooked & Cured Meats
Growing Plants
Milk & Derivates
Citrus Fruits
Fresh Bakery Products
Fresh Fruit
Fresh Vegetables
Transport Temperature -25°C to -20°C
-13°F to -4°F
-20°C to -15°C
-4°F to +5°F
0°C to +3°C
+32°F to +37°F
+4°C to +10°C
+39°F to +50°F
Set Point -23°C